Awake: A Fairytale


Alexandra Martin didn’t believe in fairytales…

Alex has always been more interested in rocks and science than stories about princesses and magic. Now she’s far too busy with her summer internship at the Gem and Mineral Museum to think about children’s stories. Between avoiding her former best friend and high school baseball star, Luke Reed, and trying to hide her unrequited crush on her mentor at the museum, the real world is occupying all of her time.

…until she walked into one.

It turns out fairytales aren’t all fun and games. A curse has turned her neat and orderly world upside down, and to break it, she bands together with a fellow intern and a recently awakened princess who’s been asleep for 900 years. Can this trio of unlikely heroines put an end to an ominous enchantment, discover true love, and keep an ancient and evil magic from being unleashed on modern-day Los Angeles?

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Atone: A Fairytale


Becca Ward knows that magic is real…

Two years ago not only had she and her best friend Alex found a real-life Sleeping Beauty in the middle of Los Angeles, they also discovered that they were powerful in their own right. They’ve managed to keep both their fae powers and their friend Lilia’s identity as a medieval princess a secret and live a normal life. Now their normalcy is threatened by the return of their former advisor at the Gem and Mineral Museum—and Becca’s least favorite person, Nicholas Hunt.

…and she’s about to find out that more than one fairy tale is true.

Nicholas has been obsessed with proving Lilia’s identity and the existence of magic. While working on an archeology dig he discovered an ancient fae artifact—a mirror that is imbued with a powerful protection spell that twists his obsession, and his body, until he is more beast than man. In order to protect her friends, Becca is forced to help him, and she is surprised to find that in spite of his outward appearance, Nicholas is no longer the beast she remembers. Will she let herself be the beauty that breaks the curse, or will she let her prejudice against him stop her from discovering true love?

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Aspire: A Fairytale


Lilia de la Foret might be a story book princess…

Lilia has always believed in magic, the power of love, and her royal destiny.  After all, she’d grown up as princess of Arraine knowing there was a sleeping curse hanging over her head with only the promise of true love’s kiss to break it.  When she woke up in Los Angeles centuries after the curse was enacted, her kingdom lost to history and with no true love in sight, Lilia decided to make a new life for herself—a life that included her best friends Alex and Becca, school, and modern American food—and forget all about being royal.

…but she has no intention of living another fairy tale.

Not everyone’s forgotten that Lilia is royal—or part fae.  When a powerful fae demands Lilia pay the price for an ancient promise broken by her family, Lilia must decide between the fae realm and the human world. Her decision brings dangerous, icy magic into the very heart of Los Angeles and with it Talon, the fae prince whose attitude infuriates her.  Can Lilia save her new home without losing her chance at true love?

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