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Awake: A Fairytale

What readers are saying about
Awake: A Fairytale by Jessica Grey

“Awake is a phenomenal story. It takes all the familiar elements of Sleeping Beauty and twists them into something that is both recognizable and new at the same time. The dialogue between the three girls sparkled, and the relationship between Alex and Luke was romantic and real. The magic scenes were my favorite parts of the story. Jessica Grey invented an entire system of magic for her book, and it is brilliant and consistent.”
- Nancy Kelley, Austen Aspirations

“Author Jessica Grey has created a believable and enthralling fantasy world balanced between our familiar reality and the realm of fairy enchantments. Her teenage characters feel like teens, though they are on the verge of adulthood. They deal with problems eighteen year olds have — school, life, love — without spouting annoying, pretentious, or overly adult dialogue. At the same time, I think that Awake, though listed as Young Adult Fantasy, holds enough adult appeal that older readers (like this one!) will still find much to love.”
 - Kimberly, Love Letters to the Library

“Grey paints a vivid picture of magic working in unison with nature. It’s an enchanting adventure of courage, self-discovery and friendship. The story is woven together with humor, mystery and true love.”
 - Candy Morton, So Little Time